White Plains Linen Awards Two Teenagers College Scholarships

As the summer winds down, the start of school is approaching. Recently graduated high school seniors are getting ready to embark on one of the greatest journeys of their lives: college. For some, college is a seamless transition process. They make the grades, pay the tuition, and then they’re off! But for many teens, the cost of college inhibits what should be one of the greatest experiences of their young adult lives. This summer, White Plains Linen decided to help out!

The White Plains Linen College Program awards two students each year with a scholarship of $2,500. The scholarship was started to award deserving teen’s scholarships that would give them the opportunity to enjoy college, and relieve financial stress. The teens were carefully selected based on their academic and extracurricular accomplishments. Each student who applied submitted an essay that focused on their life and future aspirations, as well as a professional resume. This year, we are proud to announce that White Plains Linen awarded Katie Vele and Mateo Piragua scholarships valued at $2,500 each.

Congratulations to these amazing scholars!

Lauren Miller