How To Order

To our Valued Customers,

White Plains Linen would like to Thank you for choosing us as your exclusive supplier for all FOH & BOH needs. To maintain a mutually beneficial relationship, we would like to communicate some ways that you could assist us in providing account with better services.

  • Please email all your orders adjustments to our office (by bundle amounts when possible) within 48 BUSINESS HOURS prior to your scheduled delivery day, during our office hours MONDAY-FRIDAY 8AM-5:30PM & SATURDAY 9AM-1PM.

  • Email: [email protected] or call 1-800-825-4646 (option 5); to avoid overstocking, extra delivery fees & returned deliveries. You have 24 HOURS after your scheduled delivery to discuss any discrepancy there may be with your order.

  • Please only order what you will use within a 7 day period as we are a WEEKLY RENTAL linen supply company; all remaining items must be returned to WPL after this period (without credit) to avoid re-billing. DO NOT wash or remove our linen from your establishment.

  • Please only use our BLUE mesh laundry bags to store soiled linens (NOT PLASTIC BAGS) of Napkins, tablecloths & Uniforms; GREEN mesh laundry bags to store soiled Clean Up Items & Aprons; ORANGE mesh laundry bags to store soiled SPECIALTY linen. Specialty linen must be picked up only by an Area Manager (not the delivery driver; unless otherwise indicated) to avoid loss or damage charges to your account. WPL WILL NOT be responsible for the loss or damage of any linen from any other party that may be on your premises.

  • Use table linens only in the dining room & refrain from using these items in the kitchen or any other environment that does not inlove a customer’s dining experience (stained tablecloths are available for kitchen use as well).

  • Store soiled table linen (tablecloths & napkins) & uniforms in one laundry bag together (colored uniforms MUST go in a separate bag to avoid bleach stains from cleaning cloths) & all other soiled items (aprons, cleaning towels etc.) separate, in a safe place away from the trash bins, open flame, grease, dirt & moisture; to avoid loss of damage. Please keep aside any reject items for your area manager to inspect; DO NOT give to the delivery driver. No credit will be issued where linen care & laundry separation standards are not adhered to.

  • We appreciate your patronage & Thank You in advance for your cooperation. Please take a moment to visit our website at and and contact us if you have any questions